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24th-Aug-2012 09:48 pm - [trunk]
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27th-Dec-2011 11:11 am - >Sollux: Mess around with shit while blind
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842 Hastings Boulevard

[Sollux woke up this morning to buzzing in his ear. He grumbles and smacks whatever was making that noise and turns over only to be stung in the back by a bee.]

Ow, fuck!

[He sits up and habitually snaps his fingers, putting the bees to sleep. He raises an eyebrow as the sound of awake bees turn into the sound of sleeping bees. When did he even get his bees back and also when did he get his psionics? Well, whatever. He gets changed and goes into the kitchen where he tests out his psionics, using them to lift whatever is closest to him which happens to be a chair.]


If anyone happens to see a purple bee, bring it to me or at least tell me because I don't want any of my bees getting out. Also, none of you humans will understand this but I have my psionics back. I could have used them a few months ago but whatever, I have them now. If anyone is wondering what the hell psionics are, long story short I can lift shit without touching it and burn people and their houses to crisps.
17th-Dec-2011 03:47 am - >Sollux, freak out internally
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842 Hastings Boulevard

[After a dream, Sollux wakes up with a small sense of dread. That wasn't like a normal nightmare that he had when he sleeps without sopor, no. That dream was something very different. He feels around and sighs a little, noticing that he was still in Mayfield. He gets out of bed, puts on some clothes, and goes downstairs for breakfast.]


[After hearing about the list of people who got "erased and replaced with drones", after hearing his own name on that list, his stomach tightened up. It was like last night's dream was a premonition, a dream foretelling something that was going to happen in the future like the dreams he used to have. His voice is kind of frantic and you can tell that he's trying to not sound so worried.]

As you all probably heard, there was a long list of people who have been apparently erased and my name, Sollux Captor, was on that list. I'm pretty sure I'm still here though so I'm calling to tell you that Mayfield's probably just fucking with us again.

Phone: Filtered to Aradia

I'm not really gone, don't worry. Mayfield's just being a giant douche again.
14th-Dec-2011 11:04 pm - >Sollux: Return home
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642 Hastings Boulevard

[Early in the morning, about 4 in the morning of the 15th, Sollux quietly walks into his house, closing the door behind him slowly. He hopes that returning home at 4 in the morning means that no one is awake and he can sneek in without getting caught...]

Phone, later in the day

I'm sure some of you noticed that I've been gone for a couple of days but I'm back now. I had some business to take care of and you don't need to know about it so don't ask.
8th-Dec-2011 09:19 pm - >Sollux: Be pissed
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Action, around Mayfield

[After this conversation with Karkat, Sollux found himself mad. No, more then mad, he was pissed. Whether it was because of his bipolarity that had him so angry or not, he needed some air. So, after promptly slamming the phone back on it's receiver, he took his cane and left his house. You can find him wandering around Mayfield, looking less then happy.]
30th-Nov-2011 06:04 am - He's all up to date now
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A. 842 Hastings Boulevard

[You most likely noticed that Sollux was acting chipper and really weird Tuesday. He was humming, doing chores, saying good morning to all who passed. He was obviously droned. Now, today you will probably notice a few things. 1) He has horns and a yellow-ish tone to his now grey skin. 2) His eyes are both completely black, there are no whites in his eyes or irises or pupils. Just black, 3) His clothes are very mismatched and a few are put on backwards. And finally, you will probably notice the fact that he is running into a lot of things while trying to use the wall as a guide through the house.]

B. Outside of 842 Hastings Boulevard

[Sollux skipped school and work today. He didn't want to deal with other people due to his current state, especially drone bullies and drone managers. Though, he knew he couldn't skip school and work forever, he was going to have to go tomorrow because he skipped today but for now, he was just going to sit on his porch and try not to do anything that involved seeing.]
26th-Nov-2011 01:54 am - There is always going to be tragedy in Sollux's life
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842 Hastings Boulevard

[Sollux was more then worried when he woke up this morning. He had a sinking feeling in his stomach when he started to look around his destroyed house, not seeing any others around. The feeling grew worse when he went over to the tree that he had his lusus chained to. The tree was still there, though it was more like a burnt up stump then a tree, but there was no trace of his lusus. It was as if he had just... disappeared.

He kneels next to the spot where his lusus used to be and sighs, worried about where his lusus was or if he was even still alive.]
17th-Nov-2011 11:02 pm - Shrooms everywhere
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A. Phone: Before eating any shrooms or anything

Thomething weird'th going on around here. Thome of my friendth think that they're back where we came from and that everyone'th dying or dead. If you have any informathion about why they're halluthinating or whatever ith happening to them, tell me right away.

[Despite any warning he may have gotten, he was still curious and wanted to know all about these weird mushrooms growing around so he ate a few. An our or so later, he starts to hallucinate.]

B. 842 Hastings Boulevard

[He was outside of Aradia's hive, cup of mind honey in hand. He didn't want to be here, he wanted to be back home working on more codes. But he couldn't leave. He couldn't do anything as Aradia came out, a vibrant smile on her face. She looked so innocent, so happy.

I'm sorry.

He could only watch as his own body betrayed him, getting ready to burn Aradia and her hive to the ground.

I'm sorry.

He could only watch as blasts of red and blue shot out of his own eyes, completely decimating the whole area in front of him.

If you happen to find Sollux, he is leaning against his house outside, looking lost and upset.]
1st-Nov-2011 10:34 am
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A. 842 Hastings Boulevard

[If you happen to be walking by Sollux's house you will notice him chaining a giant monster to a tree in his yard. He also seems to be yelling at it every now and then. Want to come see what this giant creature was?]
11th-Oct-2011 03:20 pm
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Phone. Filtered to the trolls minus Eridan

Okay, what the hell ith going on? I keep hearing thit about Eridan that'th not jutht about how he'th a huge douthche. I'm obviouthly out of the loop here and I want to know eckthactly what you guyth know. Don't thkip on any detailth and if you do I'm going to be really pithed.
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